Poetry E-Books

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The Chaucer Epoch (1906)

The Dryden Epoch (1906)

The Johnson Epoch (1907)

The Milton Epoch (1906)

A Handbook to the Poetry of Rudyard Kipling

A History of English Poetry

A Miscellany of British poetry (1919)

A Physician's Anthology of English and American Poetry

A Treasury of Humorous Poetry

American Poetry

An Introduction to Poetry

Choice Selections of Poetry for Children and Youth

Christopher Columbus in Poetry, History and Art

Early American Poetry

Early English Poetry

Early Tudor Poetry

Elizabeth Barrett Browning & Her Poetry

English Poetry (1170-1892)

Favorite Authors - a Companion-Book of Prose and Poetry

George Eliot's Poetry and Other Studies

Georgian Poetry (1912)

Introduction to Poetry - Poetic Expression Poetic Truth the Progress of Poetry

Longfellow & His Poetry

One Thousand Gems of Genius in Poetry and Art

Shelley & His Poetry

The Book of American Negro Poetry

The Book of Humorous Poetry

Essays of Poets and Poetry Ancient and Modern

Pearls of American Poetry

Poetry for Children

The Jacobean Poets (1894)

Rare Poems of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (1883)

Twelve centuries of English poetry and prose (1910)

Lyra Nicotiana - Poems and Verses Concerning Tobacco (1898)

The Dog in British Poetry (1893)

Poems of the Great War (1916)

Edward Wyndham Tennant - a Memoir (1919)

Rupert Brooke - a Memoir (1918)

The Burns country (1911)

Lord Byron - a Biography with a Critical Essay on his Place in Literature (1872)

Anecdote Biography of Percy Bysshe Shelley (1877)

Life of Lord Byron, and other sketches (1875)

The Poems of Arthur Conan Doyle (1922)


Black History Poems and Prose

Limerick Lyrics - A Collection of Over 700 Choice Versifications (1904)

Chinese Poems (1912)

Poems (1899-1902)